Mending Her Broken Heart

She wakes up

Feeling empty


Something’s missing

She stretches her arm out

Only emptiness

He’s not next to her

Calls out to him

No answer

He’s gone

Left her all alone

In their bed

She reaches over

Turns on the light

Sees the note

He left her

It’s over




The man she thought

She was going to marry

He left with something 

That belongs to her

She’s confused



She was blindsided

Just last night

He made love to her

Told her he loved her

Wanted to spend his life with her

Her precious stone is gone

She has nothing left

He took her most 

Precious possession 

She wants it back

He doesn’t deserve 

To keep it

When she gave it to him

She thought he was the one

He didn’t deserve it

In the first place

She’d been a fool

She was deceived 

He told only lies

Nothing he said was true

She fell for the lies

She was in love

She feels lost 

She doesn’t know 

Who she is anymore

She wants her gem back

In one piece

He broke it 

Into pieces

She has to get it back

She needs to put her heart 

Back together again 

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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