Seeking Help

She needs to be here

She needs to get better

She’d been to a place

Like this one before

She’ll have no privacy 

Restless sleep

She’ll be watched 

Wherever she goes 




For her own safety

Eyes on her all day

She can’t be left alone

They’ll give her a journal

Write anything and 

Everything down

She’ll feel better

Every day


Will be on repeat

Too many people

Always on edge




Walls closing in

Around her

Nowhere to hide

They’ll tell her

Being around others 

Will be good for her


Then again 

Who knows

They’re the professionals 

They know what they’re doing

Everyone’s the same here

No special treatment

She keeps coming back

Too many relapses

She can’t stay well 

For too long

They keep telling her 

She needs to be here

Until she can manage 

On her own

When will that be exactly?

She wonders

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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