Parting Ways

I needed to get help

I allowed them 

To take me away 

You didn’t stop them

Even you saw 

The damage you’d caused

You let them “cure” me

They didn’t warn me 

That you’d come back 

To make your presence 

Known every day

That you’d come back 

To tease me

To taunt me

To remind me about 

What we had before

I tried to ignore the urges 

You tried to pull me 

Into your web again

You should’ve stopped me

From going in the first place 

You could’ve stayed with me forever

It should’ve stayed our little secret

I should’ve resisted

I didn’t have the strength to fight

I knew I needed help

I was afraid to die 

Being home was the real test

The hardest part

I was left to fend for myself

I failed miserably 

I suffered alone

I couldn’t tell anyone

I didn’t want 

To disappoint anyone

I had to be strong

I had to believe 

I could get better

I had to win

I fought you

And I won 

It was time 

To finally 

Part ways

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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