My Morning Bliss

A sound

I know it well

I hear it every morning 

Outside my window

Perching on a tree branch

In my backyard

His home away

From home

My alarm clock

Always on time

A cup of coffee

To start my morning

As I watch him enjoying

His morning treat

A moment of pure joy



Our morning bliss

No worries

Just breathing in

The fresh air

I want to stay in my 

Little bubble for a while

I envy him sometimes 

He’s free to fly

Wherever he wants

I want to go 

Where he goes

To be free

To let go

To fly high in the sky

To go wherever I please

No interruption 

No chaos

He’s so small

So magical

So beautiful 

So powerful

He leaves every night

Taking flight

In the night sky

To places unknown 

Wishing I could

Fly away with him

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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