Love The One Who…

Shows you respect

Accepts your flaws 

Makes you feel safe

Doesn’t belittle you

Values your opinion

Kisses you goodnight

Holds you when you cry

Keeps you warm at night

Tells you you’re beautiful

Doesn’t try to change you

Lets you win the argument

Makes you happy every day

Wants to make you his wife

Accepts you for who you are

Holds your hand just because

Makes your day a little brighter

Supports you in your endeavors

Puts your needs before his own

Doesn’t expect you to be perfect

Picks you up when you fall down

Lets you talk without interrupting

Believes in you even when you don’t

Wants to be the father of your children

Holds you tight when you want to let go

Gives you goosebumps with just a touch

Doesn’t walk away when times are tough

Knows the spot that makes you beg for more

Makes your inner thigh moist with just one kiss

Wants to be yours forever 

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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