The Black Widow

A beautiful woman

A seductress

A manipulator 

A con artist 

A pretender

Men wanted to be with her

They wanted to please her

They did as she asked 

They fell in love with her

Her breasts 

Soft as pillows

Latching on


Like hungry babies 

She manipulated them

Took advantage of them

She loved the power

Loved being in charge

She’s worn something 

Blue many times

She never wanted 

To be alone for long

One after the other

They came and went

Never found 

Happily Ever After 

They were gone

Too soon

She mourned them

Like a dutiful wife

Grieving widow

They never asked

About her past

She moved

To different places

Starting over 

Careful planning 

Calculating moves

They never 

Saw it coming

Until it was too late

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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