Wrongly Convicted

Nobody knows 

The whole story

Nobody cares

To know the truth

The court of public opinion

Says he’s guilty

He looks like the type

Capable of such 

An act of violence

He keeps to himself



Refusing to hear his side 

He can’t convince them

Of his innocence

He refuses to admit

To something he knows 

He didn’t do

His mother

Feeling helpless



Her only boy


As he’s taken 

Away in handcuffs

He’s seventeen years old

His whole life ahead of him

His dream of becoming

A lawyer dashed

Has a full scholarship 

To his dream school

They believe her story

She tells it 

So convincingly


To protect herself

Keeping up 

The good girl image

No evidence 

To prove his guilt

He’s found guilty


Twenty years

He never gave up

He knew justice 

Would be served

One day

That day came

Ten years into 

His sentence

She confesses

He never touched her

Never went near her

Mistaken identity

They say

To save face

No apologies given

None asked

Walks out of prison 

His law degree

In hand

Moving forward

Vowing to get  

Justice for the 

Wrongly convicted 

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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