His One And Only

He tells her 

Never to doubt 

His love for her

He understands her

He kisses her 

He hugs her

For no reason at all

He tells her

He misses her

He feels lonely

When she’s away 

From him

He tells her

The bed feels


Without her

He knows her likes 

Her dislikes

He knows 

Every part of her

He comforts her

He tells her 

Every kiss

Is like the first

He tells her

They’re a match

Made in heaven

He values her opinion

He seeks her advice

He respects her space

He holds her in his arms

When she’s sad

He holds her hand

He gives her hope

He gives her courage 

He gives her strength 

He makes her happy

He makes her feel alive

She wants 

To be his one 

And only

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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