Where I Belong

I’m a lucky woman

To be loved by the most 

Caring man I know

He helps me get 

Through the pain 

He’s the reason 

I’m living 

I’ll spend 

The rest of my life

Thanking him

For being my anchor

My support system

I’m eternally 

Grateful to him

I give him 

The most expensive 

Gift I can give…my heart

I can always 

Count on him 

He tends 

To my needs

No questions asked

His door’s always open 

He doesn’t

Give up on me

Even when 

He should have

Every day 

I thank God for him

I lean on him 

I trust his judgment 

I feel safe with him

I feel protected by him

I’m loved by him

I am where I belong

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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