Lesson Learned

I did everything for you

I put you first

You left me

All alone 

I loved you

I thought

You felt the same

I was a fool

I didn’t think

I could do better

I didn’t think 

I could find love again

I settled for you

You weren’t ready

To settle down

I wanted 

To punish myself

For being so blind

I was young 

I was naïve

I felt humiliated 




You didn’t know 

How to love me

I gave you my heart

You gave nothing back

How careless of me

Love is truly blind

I cared for you

You failed to care for me

I had to learn 

Not to expect anything

From anyone

I had to put myself first

Love myself first

Take care of myself first 

I was stupid enough 

To put your needs

Before my own

Lesson learned

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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