Going Away

I’m leaving them

I need to go away

The pain is unbearable 

I want to be well for them

They don’t understand

Why I have to go away

They don’t know

Mommy’s sick

Mommy needs help

It’s my tummy 

I tell them

A lie

My mind isn’t right

Staying in bed all day

Ignoring their needs

I don’t want them to see me

Destroying myself

Little by little

I can’t be the mother

They deserve

The mother they need

Not right now 

I’ll miss them

I’ll miss their hugs

I’ll miss kissing them goodnight

I’ll miss reading them bedtime stories 

I’m ashamed 

I’ll explain one day

The true reason

I hope they’ll understand 

Why I had to

Go away 

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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