You Are My Happy Place

You’re my comfort zone

I feel safe with you

The day we met

You told me you’d 

Always be there for me

You haven’t disappointed me

After all these years 

You came into my life 

At a time when I needed 

Comfort the most

You’re my best friend

I want to be with you always

We were made for each other

I know it sounds cliché 

But so truth

We fit well together

We’re a team

Until the end

We’re also individuals

I feel secure 

I trust you with my life

We’re good together 

Nothing will ever change 

The way I feel about you

Arguments come and go

We’re still solid

I’d do anything for you

As long as I know you’ll 

Always be by my side

I’ll always cherish you

You are my happy place

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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