Unwanted Child

You never wanted him

You remind her everyday

She was the one who wanted him

You did her a favor 

Your only child

You berate him

You bully him

You blame him

You keep telling yourself 

If only he was a good child

You wouldn’t have to treat him

The way you do

It’s his fault

He brings it on himself 

He never does anything right 

He’s always doing something wrong

You never tell him exactly what that is 

You say you love him

You don’t show it

You say it with no emotion

He loves you

He wants your approval 

He wants to make you proud

You tell him he’ll never 

Accomplish anything in life 

You give him no hope 

For the future

You don’t give him guidance

Only put-downs

He cries for you 

He needs your love

He deserves to be loved

It’s not too late to start over

If you don’t change your ways

He’ll remember you as 

The father who never wanted

Him in the first place

He’ll  always be

An unwanted child

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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