Forever Scarred

A love no child




Same birthday present 

Every year

Different leather belt

Every year 

Skin turning 

Black and blue

Belt slashing against 

Delicate flesh

Never forget

The presents

Treasure them 

They’re part of you

Every time you take 

Off your clothes

The scars stare back at you

You hated your birthday

You dreaded that day

Should’ve been the happiest 

Day of your life

The day of your birth

Should be cherished

Your spirits were broken

You were told you’d be a failure

You were afraid to love

You were afraid to be loved 

You were afraid to let people in

You were afraid to succeed

You were afraid to fail

You were afraid to do anything 

You feared everyone

You feared the world

No acknowledgement of 

The pain you suffered 

You needed to be loved


You needed to be hugged

Never happened 

You needed to be wanted

Not a chance 

You needed to be nurtured

Only in your dreams 

You don’t hate

You don’t hold a grudge 

You want to forgive 

You can’t forget 

You’re forever


By J. Robbins-Clacema 

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