I Must Realize…

When to let go

I’m only human

I care too much 

I’m a gentle soul

I’ll never be okay

I can’t change others

I’ll always have issues 

When to give up trying 

It’ll always be up to me

I’ll always be depressed 

I can only change myself 

I can always ask for help

It’s up to me to feel whole

My demons still haunt me

I need to learn how to cope

I can’t force anyone to care

It’s up to me to want to live

People take advantage of me

I can’t make anyone love me

I’m not easy to get along with 

I shouldn’t buy anybody’s love

I must accept people as they are

It’s up to me to want to be happy

I’ll have good days and bad days

It’s not a weakness to ask for help

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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