Behind Closed Doors

She walks around without a care in the world

Nobody knows what is going on behind those doors

She sees a lot, but she keeps silent

She is afraid to tell somebody 

She doesn’t want to get involved

He is a delicate child; he is their only child

He was loved for the first four years of his life

Then the monster fell in love with the bottle

She was the monster’s first victim

Now, the child has become his new victim 

Her heart aches for the child

The burden she carries with her

What about the battered child?

Nobody bothers to ask questions

She is the only one who knows

Will she ever tell somebody?

The child doesn’t know the outside world 

He is a prisoner in their house

She is an obedient wife

She doesn’t want to upset the monster

She takes pity on the child 

She cannot save the child from the monster 

She watches helplessly as the monster 

Gives the child another blow 

Breaking another delicate bone

He is black and blue all over

She is ashamed and scared

He is her only child

She knows her inaction is just as 

Bad as the monster’s action

He loves the bottle more than his child

Who will save the child?

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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