I Cried Alone

It was a happy beginning

We made each other happy

We completed each other

You made me feel beautiful

I thought we were going 

To be together forever 

I wanted to be your wife

I wanted to be the mother 

Of your children

My dream came true when 

I found out

I thought you’d be happy

But you left me all alone

To go through it alone 

I wanted us to do it together 

I didn’t know what to do

I thought we’d make it work

I wanted this more than anything 

As long as you were there with me 

I already fell in love

When he was just 

A grain of rice

In my womb

I cried alone when I lost him

I never got to hold him

In my arms

You weren’t there to comfort me

You left me all alone

You were a coward 

You caused me pain 


I survived without you

I became stronger

I will never forgive you

For leaving me to 

Mourn our loss


By J. Robbins-Clacema

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