A Mother’s Grief

I heard the knock

As I was taking a sip of my

Morning coffee

I saw the man in uniform

Somber look on his face

I knew at that moment 

The news was bad

A mother’s worst nightmare 

The cup fell to the floor

Hot liquid on my skin

I didn’t feel the pain

His news was the worse pain

I’d ever experienced

I couldn’t breathe

He said I had to go with him

To identify the body

I refused to believe that 

My baby boy was gone

He’s not coming home 

He was kind to others

He was smart and witty

He never gave me any trouble

He was a good boy

It was a drive-by shooting

Wrong place at the wrong time

One fatal shot 

In one single moment

Lives were changed forever

My son

Just a body now

His lifeless body

No longer a being

That was my son

My baby boy was gone

My only child 

Was gone


By J. Robbins-Clacema

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