It’s time I say goodbye to you

I’ve been hoping for too long

For a reunion that never came

I cry myself to sleep

Hoping tomorrow will be 

The day you call

To tell me you want me back

I have to let you go

I have to put myself first

I have to find myself

I have to love myself first 

I have to find out who I am

Without you

I loved you to my core

I don’t think you ever loved me

You made me believe 

You were the only one for me

I lost my innocence to you

I regret all the love 

I ever gave to you

I wasted my time loving you

I fell for your charm 

I have moved on 

I am taking back my heart 

I am giving it back to me

I am no longer chained to you

I have learned

To always 

Love myself


By J. Robbins-Clacema

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