Broken Hearted

You walked out of my life

You said we needed a break

You said the distance will be 

The true test

If it was meant to be

We’ll find our way back to each other

That day never came

I yearn for your embrace

I miss your kisses most of all

You made me feel whole

You completed me

You broke all the promises you made

You left me to pick up the pieces 

What will I do without you

How will I go on

Living a life without you 

Is hardly living

I didn’t deserve this

No other woman will ever 

Love you the way I do

I have given all to you

I have nothing left to give

I will never love another 

As deeply as I did you

You took my heart with you

You made me believe 

That you loved me

That we would be together for always

What a fool I was

You left without saying a word

I am living a life without love

Without you

I have no love

All I wanted was for you 

To love me

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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