Pretty Face

She has such a pretty face 

She could be a supermodel

She gets what she wants

She beckons them to her

They want to please her

They want her to please them

While their wives are waiting at home

They’re working late again

The stories they tell  

She is a flirt and a tease

She knows how to get attention

They’re happy to oblige

She wears clothes that belong on a doll

She loves to show her skin

They love to look at her

She makes it look easy

She lives for the attention

She takes good care of them

She enjoys what she does

They enjoy her company

She’s smart and manipulative

They love her pretty face

They love everything about her

They don’t even know her name

They don’t care to know 

She’s only good for one thing

She doesn’t mind

She loves the money 

They beg her for more

It will cost them

She loves her profession

She’s in high demand

She sets her own hours

She knows she’s good at it

She does it well

She’s happy to fulfill their fantasies

While their wives wait 

At home

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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