My Last Goodbye (Published on

Who will be there?

Who will come to pay their respects?

My mom abandoned me

My father abused me

My uncle cherished me

My grandmother did her best

My neighbors hated me

My friends…non existent

My kids tolerated me

My husband adored me

I am going to the other side

It is better there

I will make friends

I will be happy

The pain is too great to bear

I have many ways to ease the pain

I can take you in one gulp

You beckon me 

You tease me 

You want me to be part of your circle

You tempt me with your promises

I surrender to you 

You make me feel whole

You make the pain go away

I swallow in one gulp 

I hear your sweet whisper

Then everything went dark

I drifted into a deep sleep

I am summoned into your temple

I am welcomed with open arms

I am part of the circle now

I can never go back 

I am content now

This is my last goodbye

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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