Last Time (I Promise)

Last Time (I Promise)

We were happy once

You told me

You’d always be

There for me


Happy moments

We had together

Now you’re gone

I don’t know how

To go on without you

Please come back

Stay in my arms

Love me the way 

I love you

Without you

I’m nothing

Without you

I don’t have a purpose

Please, come back to me

I’ll do whatever you want

I promise I’ll change

I’ll never betray you again

Please come back 

If only to see 

The bruises you left 

On my body last night

Please come back

To make the pain go away

You can have me

Whenever you want

I’ll obey

The blows 

The black eye

I know you didn’t mean to

I can’t let you go

Things were good once

We can try again

You made me feel good

I never had that kind 

Of love before 

I know you’ll change

What happens between us

Will stay between us

Please come back to me 

I felt safe with you

You were right

It was my fault

You said I upset you

You lose control

When you’re upset

I’ll know better 

Next time

Not to upset you

I’ll do better

I miss you

I promise to be good 

Please come back to me

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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