My Eulogy

I was bipolar

I was bulimic

I was depressed

I was insecure

I was unhappy 

I was an introvert

I was shy and aloof

I doubted everyone

I was in love twice

I didn’t love deeply

I served a country

I never felt welcome in

I committed many sins

But God forgave me

I had low self-esteem

I was smart and pretty

I was a loner by choice

I was curious about things

I didn’t believe in myself

I was unsure of everything

I didn’t like people around me

I never reached my full potential

I wanted to be a well-known poet

I had my son out of wedlock

I had my daughter in wedlock

It made no difference to me

I loved them both equally

I apologize to those who truly cared

I know you’re angry at me

I didn’t fight hard enough

Don’t celebrate my life

What is there to celebrate?

My love, handsome and patient 

You did your best to make me happy

My children, I hope you become 

Good citizens of the world

My true love, may you forgive me

We’ll be together again

Please understand I was a tortured soul

The voices in my head refused to go away

Don’t feel sad 

I was prepared 

I was ready to go 

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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