Her Secret

She can smell his rancid breath on her neck

She can’t escape the death that awaits her

He calmly tells her to breathe

As if she was a willing party

Because he knows this is her first time

He’s known her all her life

She trusted him

He was like a father to her

She can’t comprehend what is happening

Where’s her mother?

She said she would be home soon

He was only supposed to watch her for an hour

She holds her breath

Hoping that she could stop breathing forever

Because she couldn’t take the pain anymore

He slides in and out of her

He feels pleasure

She feels pain

He tells her she’s beautiful

Too beautiful 

He doesn’t want any boy to have her

He wants her for himself

She always thought he was joking 

She hears his voice, but she blocks it out

She hopes it will end soon

He’s  not done yet

He’s enjoying it too much 

She is praying for it to be over

She says a little prayer

Like her mother taught her to do at night

Her mother says God always listens

God didn’t hear her that day 

When she needed Him the most

Did she do something to deserve this?

She tries to scream for help, but he covers her mouth

She can’t breathe and is slowly losing consciousness

He says he’s ready to explode and told her to relax

As if she was a willing party

She holds on for dear life while he is invading her very core

Is she still alive? 

Where’s her mother? 

She knows she’s alive in the physical form

But she’s dead inside

He tells her to tell no one of this

He told her she was a good girl

He’s satisfied now and gets off her

He leaves her naked on the floor 

She is ashamed to look at herself

She feels so small and confused

He told her to shower before her mother comes home

She tries to get up, but her knees buckle under her

Her inner thigh was on fire

She can’t move

Who will she tell…her mother?

Will she believe her?

She keeps her secret to herself

Because she wants to be a good girl

Who will believe her anyway?

By J. Robbins-Clacema

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